Brewers who brew, don’t try to make as many hectoliters as possible, instead they devote great care to their work. That’s how beer can get its proverbial zest.

That’s also the case with Pardubice Porter, 19° dark beer, which according to the recipe of Alois Šimonek, has been produced since 1890, i.e. 125 years. It is probably the longest produced so-called Baltic dark beer in Europe.

"The recipe, which only two people have access to - the brew master and under-brew master, consists of four types of malts and a few secret ingredients. The beer matures three times longer than conventional lager, preferably up to 120 days. It is therefore necessary that the important processes occur gradually in it, and that the desired flavors thus appear," says the Pardubice brewery brew master Martin Gruntorád.

By this process the beer, which is characterized by its dark, almost black, thick creamy foam and delicious, sweet malt flavor, is created.

"Beer connoisseurs also appreciate the chocolate and caramel tones with a subtle touch of cherry. That's why Pardubice Porter is the only beer that is directly recommended with sweets and desserts," says Roman Marčák from Pardubice brewery. However, Pardubice Porter is also suitable for other foods. "It is so special that it offers a wealth of serving possibilities. It can be used with gingerbread as a welcome drink or at the end of the meal as a complement to sweets. However, it is most commonly served with red meat or schnitzel. It can be used for mixing long drinks that are especially popular with women," says the manager of Pivovarka restaurant Martin Pelikán.

Pardubice Porter on tap, in addition to Pardubice, is also available in restaurants in Prague's Žižkov and the Old Town, as well as bottled in stores across the whole country.

Overall, it is sold in countries on three continents. "We have strong sales, for example, in the Slovak Republic, where last year we also recorded the largest increase in demand from all the countries that we export to. We also transport Porter to Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary, and this year we succeeded right from the start of the year to export to Turkey," says Gruntorád. Last year it was also possible to drink Pardubice Porter in Poland, in Finland as well as in the exotic Dominican Republic.

Source: Lenka Štěpánková, MF DNES